John Dorsey & Associates - The Power Ten Legal Group

We uniquely connect decades of professional and legal experience to provide thoughtful practical and driven legal services in PA, NJ and MA

The decision to engage a law firm often comes at a critical time in life or business. It is a time that needs 110 percent effort toward reaching objectives. With that understanding, we practice under the name "Power Ten Legal Group" because a "Power Ten" in the sport of rowing is a tool used at a critical time in racing to focus members of the crew - all at once - to dig for that extra technical refinement, strength and inner drive to push ahead of the competition. At our client's critical time, we strive to find that same extra thoughtful refinement, efficiency and drive in working toward a client's objectives. As an accomplished oarsman and the Firms' principal, John Dorsey, has found many of the values inherent to the sport of rowing to be directly applicable to business and the practice of law. His diverse professional background and rowing experiences have provided a unique perspective on the need for dedication and practicality.

We now apply those values in the services provided to clients. We strive to provide practical services by keeping our overhead low, using available technologies and teaching clients how to help themselves so they may become more self-sufficient, and therefore more cost-effective, in handling legal issues. In addition to offering litigation and transactional services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts, we also provide in-house legal management consulting to help small to medium sized business establish internal processes, knowledge and protocols that increase their legal self-sufficiency. We strive to serve as a bridge between matters the client can handle internally on its own and matters that truly require our legal representation. Please contact us at or call us at 1-888-491-0333

We want to help our clients think through critical business issues and deliver results, not just serve as their attorneys. We see ourselves as a part of the client’s decision-making team, and we value that opportunity

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